Samra University Clinic 1969-2010 are proud of providing affordable cost and qualified health care services to the community for 40 years. Dr. Tae Cheong Choo and Myung Hwa Chung legally took over the ownership of “Samra University of Oriental Medicine” from the Court to continue to serve our previous patients with highly qualified acupuncture care in 2010. Reestablished in 2010 at current location : Now We serve our patient as a new name “Samra Clinic of Oriental Medicine”. We welcome returning patients from previous location from Downtown, 3000 S. Robertson Blvd, 1730 Olympic Blvd.










Dr. Myung Hwa Chung

drchungDr.Chung is the fifth generation of Oriental Medicine doctors in her family. She grew up learning secret traditional Korean acupuncture methods from her grandfather and uncle and helping with the preparation of herbal medicine formulas. She is proud and honored to bring a lifetime of experience to her patients each day.
Dr. Chung completed her formal education in the United States earning a Masters in Oriental Medicine at South Baylo University in Anaheim, CA and a Ph.D. in Oriental Medicine from American Liberty University in Fullerton, CA, She is a California Board certified licensed Acupuncturist and a Diplomate of NCCAOM, the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine.

Dr.Chung’s medical philosophy is to create health in perfect harmony with nature. She fully understands the intricate and delicate balance between body/mind and nature and addresses these equally to create optimal health. Her experience and racious manner enable her to develop a partnership of mutual respect and trust between doctor and patient as the foundation of a fully integrated treatment experience. She has completed MISO FACIAL ACUPUNCTURE OPERATION COURSE OFFERED BY Korean Medicine facial Rejuvenation Society.

In addition to managing a busy private practice, Dr.Chung has also practiced in the Oriental Medicine departments of Koosung Hospital and Valley Hanmaum Hospital in Los Angeles. She is a current Clinic Director and well-respected and popular Professor at Samra University of Oriental Medicine in Los Angeles, CA.

Dr. Tae Cheong Choo

drchooDr. Choo, L.Ac., O.M.D.,Ph.D., is affectionately known in his native Korea as ‘Ik Jae’. Literally translated as ‘one who benefits all living things’, his healing ability is considered as therapeutic and essential to good health as the sun, soil, trees and water. It is the highest honor that can bestowed on a Doctor of Oriental Medicine. Dr. Choo has been studying and practicing Oriental Medicine since 1980. He received his Bachelors, Masters and Doctorate degrees from Kyung Hee University in Seoul, universally recognized as the premier Oriental Medical University in the world. He is considered a Master Practitioner of two of the safest and most effective methods of acupuncture, SaAm Acupuncture (Korean 4 Needle Technique) and Master Tong’s acupuncture.

During the course of his professional career to date, he has treated over 100,000 patients both in Korea and the United States with an extensive range of diseases including stroke, all manners of musculoskeletal pain, back pain, arthritis, infertility, stress related conditions, headaches, allergies and cancer just to name a few. Dr. Choo’s unique approach to restoring healthy utilizes only natural methods of time-honored acupuncture and herbal remedies without any toxic medications or invasive procedures. He fully understands the intricate and delicate balance between body, mind and nature and will develop a fully customized healing plan exclusively for each patient to support all aspects of the patients’ healing process. His warmth and gracious manner are legendary and his exceptional healing ability allows him to develop a partnership of mutual respect and trust between doctor and patient as the foundation of a fully integrated treatment experience with the goal of creating optimal health for each individual.

Dr. Choo is a California Board Certified Acupuncturist and NCCAOM licensed practitioner. His outstanding knowledge, experience and clinical track record have firmly established his reputation both in Korea and the U.S. and he has been featured in many newspaper articles, radio and TV programs. In addition to managing a busy practice, he is also a noted lecturer, author and Professor of Acupuncture at Samra University of Oriental Medicine in Los Angeles, CA. Currently, serving Virginia University of Oriental Medicine as a president.