Patients ‘Experience after treatment

found an acupuncture home for myself *
Acupuncture has been been in my life since 1990 and followed me from NYC to San Francisco and now in LA.   I stumbled around a bit until I found Dr. Chung here in the City of Angels….. and that is what she is,  an Angel !!!  Let me tell you she knows what she is doing and is gifted with her use of herbs, when needed.  The office is peaceful and well administered by David.
You will have an ally in health care with Dr. Chung.   She knows what she is doing and is very present to the patient’s needs.
The office is very comfortable and David on the phone and at the desk is warm and always helpful!!  I am delighted to have found an acupuncture home for myself, in LA
Harriett Salinger LCSW,MCC
Master Certified Coach
*Pain &  anti-inflammatory effect*
I have been treated by Dr. Chung and Choo at Samra U for several years. The acupuncture treatments not only bring pain relief, but have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect on the sore tissues anywhere in the body, which complements treatments from Western doctors beautifully. Dr. Choo and Chung are extremely skilled and compassionate practitioners, inspiring great confidence. The healing atmosphere of the clinic helps the spirit heal the body. I would recommend this team to anyone in need of alternative treatment for medical conditions without hesitation.
Charles Griffis, CRNA PhD
Associate Professor, Retired
UCLA Department of Anesthesiology – Dec. 2015
*Pregnancy Care*
It was my first time getting acupuncture and I am 32 weeks pregnant so I was a bit nervous. Dr. Chung was very accommodating to my needs which was comforting. We addressed all the areas I was feeling discomfort and stress levels. I will be going back to soon!*Fertility Treatment with Acupuncture*
-Anonymous Pregnant Lady- Oct 2016
** Fertility*
I struggled with infertility do to PCUS.I made some life changes as far as my diet andexcercise.After a year with these changes I saw no change in my fertility.I began researching and read that acupuncture was a greattreatment for infertility.I began using acupuncture treatment twice a week withmy diet and excersise.Within 4 months my menstral cyclehad become regular and in the6th month Ibecame pregnant with our first child.Acupuncturerelived mystress and helped my bodyregulate to a balancedstate.I am so greatful! Now I am a big fan of Dr.Chung & Dr.Choo.
-Sheena R.-

*Sinuses & Fibroids*

I LOVE Dr. Chung!!!!! I was told by a co-worker 7 years ago that acupuncture improved her husband’s sinus issues (which were chronic). Last year I saw Samra Website, so I decided to call and ask questions. I spoke to David, (a sweetheart) who answered my questions and made me feel really great, so I decided to go in. I was treated for my sinuses, and by the 2nd or 3rd treatment, I noticed a noticeable improvement in my sinuses! I was so impressed that I kept going until August of 2014, where finances were tight (I began graduate school) and I had to discontinue…until March 2015.

In January my doctor discovered another health issue (fibroids) and I was told I would need surgery. I was not willing to get surgery, and after speaking to friends and family who gave a lot of advice, I returned to Dr. Chung for help. I am still going and I have also noticed a changes in the right direction towards my health condition. The pain and pressure I felt has disappeared, as well as another issue. I also sought out a nutritionist (Tara Zamani from Pacific Integrative Medical Center in Santa Monica), and she is great, identifying my mineral, enzyme, and vitamin deficiencies, and offering great nutritional support.

Dr. Chung is very knowledgeable, caring, kind, and excellent at what she does. Her husband (who I met) is also an excellent acupuncturist, who currently works in Virginia and her daughter is also studying to be a doctor. They are wonderful and competent doctors, and in the office, there are many pictures and letters of their clients, thanking them for improving their health (and their lives). I highly recommend Dr. Chung to anyone.
Also, if you are afraid of needles (like I am), I will still recommend that you go in spite of your fear and go-just let her know (and close your eyes). Your body will thank you for it.

-Rasheda Y.-Aug. 2015


*Hearing & Vision loss*

  For more than twenty years, I’ve been a holistic practitioner and doctor of chiropractic, with some acupuncture experience (including work with Applied Kinesiology (A.K.), which–in part–was drawn from TCM. I’ve been under Dr. Myung Hwa Chung’s care for the last two months, and have been keenly satisfied. My major complaints were a degree of hearing and vision loss over the last few months, noticed, e.g., when reading or watching TV. This deterioration was of great concern to me. It is probably reasonable to assume that many people–even physicians–would just sigh and assume that this was a natural, inescapable part of the aging process.

With respect to the partial deafness, in something like two weeks time I found that I had regained most all of my normal hearing, which was a great relief. I’m expecting an audiometric exam in the immediate future, but I seem to have enjoyed more or less a 100% recovery. With regard to the vision loss, I have already noticed some changes in visual acuity (the very next day after treatment!), and am happily awaiting the long-range effects of her treatment (which included needling and a customized herbal formula). So far, the signs are very good. Want a more explicit example? I pulled out the Samra Clinic business card to check the email address, and found that I could easily read the very small print on the bottom of the card.

In my experience, Dr. Chung is a competent and professional practitioner and clinician. Aside from her professional credentials, I found her to be a gracious, warm-hearted person (simply a really nice lady!).. Chung is a fully credentialed O.M.D. (with a PhD.), and it seems I’d “hit the bull’s-eye” when I engaged her for treatment. To put it another way, Dr. Chung has “hit the ball out of the park.” It is with no reservations that I recommend her to you, as a prospective patient.

–  Thomas C. Halle, D.C.
Los Angeles, CaliforniaScoliosis , 2015-


*Maintain my health by*Herbal Formula*

I’ve been coming to this facility for acupuncture and herbs for a few years now.
Consistently, they offer the best acupuncture in the Saam-style I’ve ever had.

Their herbal formulas are world-class. I have no need to go anywhere else for my herbal medicine needs.

Highly recommended to anyone looking for better health, and I will continue to give them my business for a very long time.

-Ryan K. Dec 2015-


*Healthy Hair & Digestion*

In 1998 I discovered Chinese Medicine.  I went  to Samra Clinic downtown Los Angeles and was told that my symptoms were classic and that Herbs along with Acupuncture could help me. It was correct.  From then on, Chinese Medicine became my choice of treatment. .

However, in 2005 I moved to Nevada and found there was an enormous difference in medical treatments; they were no alternative methods, only conventional. These years coincided with my reaching menopause and unlike other women, I never experienced the common symptoms of hot flashes, mood swings or weight gain but that didn’t mean I wasn’t affected. I was extremely affected by the silent ailments, the things people do not see that remain hidden; insomnia and hair loss.

I went to see an endocrinologist who took tests and found nothing wrong.  She told me my problems were in my head and that she had lost hair and there was nothing to be done. It seemed ignorant that a medical doctor would think hair was vanity when in fact it frames our face and reflects a deeper issue going on within the body. But I could not reason with a backwards rigid mind.

Being sensitive and understanding that my mind, body and soul are one living organism that has to be in unison, I could not find my way of healing.  I was upset by my circumstances but felt there was nothing to do except meditate and accept my predicament. Then in late 2014, we returned to California and I was happy to return to an alternative lifestyle that coincides with who I am.

In January 2015, I went to see Dr. Chung. I didn’t have as much of the insomnia as before, but I had dark circles under my eyes proving my many years of interrupted sleep. The whites of my eyes were red, and I often get questioned what’s wrong with them.  And, I had continued to lose hair.  She knew there was an imbalance with my kidneys and my liver.  The herbs she prescribed were now more convenient to take; in powder form. It has made a tremendous difference with my digestion and hair although there hasn’t been an improvement with my eyes- I have hope we can resolve this problem soon.

I’m very grateful that my hair has remained healthy and that she has been sensitive,  understanding to my body and mental state in prescribing a formula that is right for me.

With appreciation,

-Linda LaRoche,  Aug.2015-




I have scoliosis, and after years of ditching out on therapy, it finally caught up to me and developed an intense searing pain starting from my neck all the way to my fingertips of my left arm. I couldn’t turn my head to the left at all, the pain was UNBEARABLE, any movement at all was so painful I was getting a nauseous. This lasted for 3 days before I finally decide to stop being stubborn and I did some research on acupuncture and called Samra to set up series of appointments. The first appointment I was very nervous, but Dr. Chung was very informative and also explained that the body and nervous system need to be balanced on both sides, and because of my scoliosis certain muscles were really weak on one side, and really strong on the other side. She explained breathing techniques, and then poked me a few needles (maybe only 5 or 6 the first time, feels like a quick pinch, but no real pain) and left me in the room to relax and focus on my breathing. Well, I ended up falling asleep. After about 45 minutes she came in to wake me up and I noticed that the tension throughout my body and neck had subsided immensely. I could compare it almost to a drug-like feeling. The next day I woke up and the tightness on the left side of my body had switched to my right (I’m guessing your muscles go through somewhat of an “adjustment” period), and then the second day after both sides were completely back to normal. I’m A BELIEVER. I’ve been going weekly ever since (4 weeks now) and this has changed my life in such a positive way. Thank you Dr. Chung! You are truly a healer!

-Deborah.M- March 2015



* Back Pain*

Hello, I am Chi. I initially went to acupuncture for more weight loss. However, upon coming in for my first appointment, I was fully assessed by Dr. Myung Hwa Chung. She asked me about my health, as well as, all the issues that were occurring in my body. I told her I had lower back pain and weekly headaches. She addressed all my issues with acupuncture. I have to admit, I was skeptical at first but she acupunctured my body, along with my head and I felt amazing afterwards. I was immediately more in touch with my spirit. My back pain was less intense, but still a little ache. I also didn’t get a headache on my first day of acupuncture. I also noticed that I urinated longer and felt an immediate detox after relieving myself. I wasn’t even as hungry as I normally am , because my body was detoxing. I have been urinating more.

My second appointment, I noticed i felt better afterwards as well. Again, I was more connected with my spirit and I felt less pain afterwards.

Here’s the teller!

By the third day, my back pain was gone! No knots, aches nor anything. All gone. I also didn’t get any headaches this week. I haven’t touched my pain killer medicine after starting acupuncture.

I also noticed I dropped some inches!  I felt lighter and my metabolism seems to have speed up. I ate a few fatty things this past week but still felt light as a feather afterwards and my body detoxed it right out of my system.

So I just finished my third appointment today! I got acupuncture in my face this time and My face already looks thinner and brighter afterwards. Needless to say, I paid for two more sessions.

Aside from how good this is working for me , the acupuncture Doctor is so nice! She really cares. She thoroughly explains things to you and she sits down to talk to you. The room is nice and clean and they play relaxing music. The sessions are about an hour and it’s the most relaxing hour of your day! Yum!
The customer service is awesome. Upon arriving into the center, you are immediately greeted and they call you by name. They answer all your questions and offer you tea , coffee and or water! They are nice and have good communication skills.

It’s like a spa feel here

I love this place! Best decision I made

-Tracy T. April 2016-


*Spine & Shoulder*

I don’t even know where to begin, Dr. Choo has healed so many complaints in my body.  I initially was looking for pain relief in my right collar bone and shoulder, but with each visit to the Clinic, I discovered other body ailments that benefited from Dr. Choo’s acupuncture and cupping.

Dr. Choo has a magical way of inserting the acupuncture needles that I barely felt them, only once in a while would I feel a light pinch.  He always showed concern about my level of comfort and played beautiful zen music when left in the room to absorb the benefits of acupuncture.

If you’ve ever thought about trying acupuncture for pain relief, Samra University is the place to go.

I have followed Samra Clinic since the days when they were located on Robertson Blvd., and I’m so glad I did.

-Elena L.-

*Broken  leg healing* 

“Five years ago I broke my leg and luckily found Dr. Choo and Dr. Chung. My orthopedic surgeon did not understand how I could heal so quickly. I have been a loyal patient ever since.  The whole care I receive here makes me feel so blessed.  They have the rare and special combination of true healers:  heart, knowledge and wisdom.  Acupuncture is more than 2000 years old and Dr. Choo& Dr.Chung is one of its finest practitioners.”

-Susan.S.- 2011

*OB-GYN & Women’s health- Special Treatment.*

I come here every week for acupuncture, herbs, and cupping treatments. I have visited other acupuncturists and school clinics and this has been BY FAR the best I have experienced.  I have followed Samra from the last 2 locations it has held, that is how much I enjoy coming. The pricing is very reasonable and my treatments have healed my ovarian cyst, as well as a ‘feminine virus,’ and not to mention all of the stress I go through from work and my relationship. I have chosen to go this route instead of having western medicine surgery, and it has been very, very successful. I look forward every week coming into the office, as everyone knows me and it is so nice to be able to chat and share some nice smiles before treatment. …And cupping!? Wow its the best. It just releases all of your tension and feels amazing. The clinic is very nice decorative wise, and also very clean: not even a speck of dust on one of the faux flower displays!! Now I know Ive never seen that before anywhere. If anyone ever asks me about acupuncture, I always tell them to come here.


*My Personal Health and well being*

I have been a patient with Dr.Tae Cheong Choo for some 13 years.

He successfully treated me for lower back pain,eyestrain, muscular discomfort and circulation for well being.

Dr.Choo bears an inordinate amount of patience with remarkable instincts on how the body reacts to the acupuncture. As such,I have

come to response to this treatments,without prescriptions,that Western doctors have yet come to understanding.

Respectfully submitted,



*Skin Rash*

I had a rash and swelling of right thigh,left knee,right calf and left eye.

The left eye swellingwas nmot painful but looked like a massive bee sting reaction.

After 1 acupuncture treatment the swelling went away.The rash shrunk and changed within a day.

I would highly recommend acupuncture and herb treatment as I can feel it helping my body deal with the problem.Also,i don’t have to deal with getting over harsh drugs traditional doctors wanted me to go on.

-Lon G.-2011



*Frozen shoulder pain*

“If I could give Dr. Chung a kiss I would.

At the end of 5 visits, my (self diagnosed) frozen shoulder pain is completely GONE. I noticed a definite improvement after the FIRST treatment. I thought I was going to have to live with this pain for 2-3 years (normal) and now it feels so good I even went to my first yoga class today since it became too painful.

I have never had acupuncture done for a specific ailment (a couple times at festivals for general well being) but I would not hesitate to go back any time. All the Doctors are very nice, its a clean environment, and they have great waiting magazines (although they are so prompt I never got a chance to look at more than a couple pages in Entertainment Weekly).

I also was having phlegm problems (since moving to LA from Chicago) because of the smog and they cured that too!! Unbelievable.

Extra bonus: They performed Cupping on me and I loved it! It draws toxins out of your system. You end up with purple spots on your back that I wore like a badge of honor.

Whenever I look to the East, the wind will whisper, “SAMRA…”

-Brian S.-   2014

*Shoulder pain*

I’m truly amazed by this acupuncture place , I don’t even know were to start!!
I had the most uncomfortable back and neck pain I had ever experience and I was worried that it was something terribly serious, I started doing some research on the Internet and found that acupuncture was a healthy healing system for muscle spasm so I decided to search for a place near my home , now before this experience I had never suffered such bad ache not had I ever done any acupuncture and honestly I was really skeptical about the whole thing I didn’t really think it would help me as much or even make a difference but the risk taker that I am I decided to give it a shot why not . I called in I told them about my pain and they were able to get me in the same day . I met Dr. Chung and she asked me questions about my health and about the spasm it was really fast and then it started, she put needles in my foot, hands, face and head and I laid with them for about an hour , after she came in pulled them I put my shoes back on and she did recommend a customized tea that I bought and started drinking that same night , the next morning I woke up with zero shoulder pain, I went in the next day she did the same thing , I continued to drink the tea and amazingly about 50% of the pain was gone, today I had the last session and I’m still drinking my tea and honestly I feel great ! I’m beyond thankful for Dr.Chung as she has healed me. I didn’t have to go to the hospital which I seriously thought I was gonna have to because I couldn’t stand the pain . I had a total of 3 sessions and I’m healed I seriously recommend this place to anyone suffering from any pain it really works . You have to be patient and consistent but it’s a natural way of healing there’s no medication or expensive dr fees . Definitely worth it .

– Stephanie O.- Oct. 2016-




“First I would like to say that I hardly write reviews but this was a must.  I found Samra Clinic during my research to find a good acupuncturist because I am in need of regular treatments due to having Fribromyalgia. However, the cost can add up really quickly. I’ve had many acupuncture treatments done in my life, but I have to say that so far having Dr. Chung work on me is at the top of my list! I am always so comfortable that I fall asleep every time I’ve had a treatment with Dr. Chung. The cupping treatments are also working really well for my bother.  I go to sleep easily at night and wake up rested.  I am ashamed to say though that after getting my last treatment done I went looking for new deals. I found one and tried it out. I had such a bad experience and learned my lesson.  I’m definitely going back to Samra and Dr. Chung.  What more can I ask for than to have treatments done by an expert Acupuncturist who teaches students how to do Acupuncture. I can’t wait for my next treatment. ”

-Grace N.-2014

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